[LV2] worker thread question

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Sat Dec 29 23:43:46 PST 2012

Am 30.12.2012 08:29, schrieb Robin Gareus:
> On 12/30/2012 08:16 AM, hermann meyer wrote:
> [..]
>> What I do here in the work thread is a single process run for a float
>> array and fill the impdata from the convolver. Thus cant have any timed
>> guaranty.
> Certainly. That's what worker threads are good for :)
> NTL in the context of ardour-export (or jack freewheeling in general),
> the host will wait for the worker thread to complete. ->  same result
> every time, no matter how long it takes.
> [..]
>> well, that is how I have release it for now. :-)
> Great!
> robin
Thanks Robin, for your input,
what is open now for me is that I need to read the port values in the 
worker thread,
and that I would watch them "outside" from run(). From what I understand 
about glib-threads there is no problem as long I only read the values 
were my pointers point to (data).


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