[Devel] CVPort and Ingen

Aurélien Leblond blablack at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 04:36:39 PDT 2011


I am trying to use the CVPort for my VCO, but don't seem to be able to
load it in Ingen.

I added this line at the beginning of the ttl file:
@prefix cv: <http://lv2plug.in/ns/ext/cv-port#> .

and here is the definition of one of the input port:
lv2:port [
		a cv:CVPort, lv2:InputPort ;
		lv2:index 0 ;
		lv2:symbol "freq" ;
		lv2:name "Port - Freq" ;
		lv2:default 0 ;
		lv2:minimum 0 ;
		lv2:maximum 1

But Ingen keep throwing the following error message:
Unknown type or direction for port `freq'


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